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International Peace Conference

With the European Network for Peace and Human Rights, the American Friends Service Committee is organizing an international peace conference titled "Together For Peace." It will bring together leading European, (South, West & East) Asian, U.S. and possibly Latin American and African peace and human rights figures to share information, and to develop collaborations - including with U.S. grassroots organizers and activists.Goals include:
a) Expose U.S. peace movement leadership and activists to international peace movement, perspectives and priorities
b) Expose leading international peace movement leaders to the realities, perspectives and priorities of the U.S. peace movement.
d) Development of concrete collaborations e.g. campaigns against the U.S. occupation of Iraq, the "Mayors for Peace" campaign launched by the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, opposition to U.S. foreign military bases, etc.

We will focus on
1) U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq;
2) U.S. hegemony, pre-emptive war, and full spectrum dominance,
3) dangers of nuclear war and nuclear weapons abolition;
4) estrangement of the U.S. and from the world's nations;
5) South and Central Asia;
6) human rights, and
7) U.S. foreign military bases.

We will include the Eyes Wide Open Exhibit, with 800+ pairs of boots for the U.S. Iraq war dead, a wall of names of Iraqi war dead, and videos shown on tv/video monitors.