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After the Boston Social Forum: The Women's Web continues to expand the list of Peace Women to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Please offer your suggestions of women you think should be on the list (the goal is 1000 women). These can be local women or women from anywhere in the world who have contributed to Peace.
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Program for the Women's Peace Tent.
All events took place in the Peace Tent unless otherwise noted.

The Peace Tent is located on the eastern terrace of Wheatley Hall.
Nobel Peace Prize Nominations Portrait Gallery (org. by Andre Sheldon)
Chronicle Quilt of Outrage and Hope (org. by Kate Taylor)
Sue and Myrna's Banners
Friday, July 23 Saturday, July 24 Sunday, July 25
7:00AM-12 noon: Assembly and installation of exhibits: including WILPF banner, Code Pink; Clothesline Project (Boston NOW) and the Chronicle Quilt of Outrage and Hope (Kate Taylor).
Peace Tent Location: Eastern Terrace Wheatley Hall

12 noon-1:00: Opening Ceremony featuring: Women's Lodge; Medea Benjamin, and Sonia Sanchez.

1:00-3:00: Asking the Right Questions: Non-violent resistance training for women with Joanne Sheehan. Gender-sensitive training takes into account the different experiences that women and men bring to nonviolent action. This workshop will consist of various exercises to practice nonviolence, and what we will need to take into account when preparing for actions

3:00-4:00: The State of Choice in Massachusetts: An Interactive Workshop. Melissa Kogut, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts speaks on the state of choice in Massachusetts, and how political activism can help shape the face of state politics. Come learn about choice actions in Massachusetts, and get answers to your questions about the issue of choice in America.

4:30-6:00: Women of Peace Reception, featuring remarks by Diane Dujon, Afaf Stevens and Granny "D". Diane Dujon is a former welfare recipient who has been in the front lines of the welfare struggle for more than 20 years; Afaf Stevens, born and raised in Baghdad and now living in the U.S., who has begun a Program called "Bridging East and West: A Peace Initiative"; and Granny "D," a tireless worker for peace and justice who is running as a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

6:00-7:00: Unveiling of "A Tribute to Women" and Parade in honor of the Nobel Peace Foundation's plan to award 1,000 Women from around the world with a special Nobel Peace Award. Approximately 50 to 100 women's pictures and short biographies will be displayed as honorary Nobel nominees. The pictures will be mounted on sticks and carried in a procession to the BSF opening convocation.

12:00-1:30: 1325 and Beijing +10: Women's Activism through the United Nations. Doris Mpoumou, the Gender and Governance Program Associate for WEDO, will discuss preparations underway for the 10 year review on implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, agreed upon at the Fourth World Conference on Women. Kara Picarelli of the WILPF UN office will speak of the ongoing implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 throughout the world and what remains to be done. Adopted in October 2000, this resolution calls for gender sensitivity in all UN missions including peacekeeping, for women's equal participation in all negotiation tables, and for the protection of women and girls during armed conflict.

1:30-3:00: Consultation on the Geneva Declaration for Global Harmony. Janelle Surpris and Brianne Chai-Onn, Project Directors for the Global Peace Initiative of Women Religious Leaders, will present a short video/slide show on meeting held in 2002 at the U.N. offices in Geneva which brought together 500 women leaders from the faith, business and governmental sectors. They will explain the Declaration resulting from this gathering and discuss plans for promoting it internationally.

3:00-4:30:Let it Begin with Me: Transforming our Anger in the Peace Movement. In this workshop, Lisa Tener will help you learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger, what triggers you and how to defuse your triggers, Anger-obics exercises to help you "keep the peace" when others are triggered, how to uncover the message behind your anger so that you may take actions that will improve the situation, and skills for communicating effectively so that you bring people in rather than push them away.

4:30-6:00:Women's Activist Training: Getting the Media's Attention From High Profile Actions to PR Basics and Messaging with Code Pink. Trainers are Gael Murphy, Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, all co-founders of Code Pink. Learn how you can take CODEPINK' s tactics back to your own organizations and get media attention for the issues you care about. This workshop will cover everything you need to know about getting the media's attention, including the basics of public relations, messaging, high profile actions, and using the power of pink.

9:00-11:00: Imagining a Non-violent World in 2034. Participants in this workshop by Elise Boulding, the author of several books on women's history and most recently of Cultures of Peace (Syracuse UP, 2000), will step thirty years into the future to explore a world in which the 20th century culture of violence has been replaced by peace cultures. Next, the imagined peaceful society will be examined analytically to see how it functions, and a history from the future to the present will be constructed. Finally participants will choose action strategies in the present for bringing about that peaceful future.

11:00-12:00:Investing in Caring Not Killing. In this workshop, Margaret Prescod and Phoebe Jones will describe the various initiatives that women in the Global Women's Strike (GWS) network are involved in, from farmers in India to Indigenous women in Peru to lesbian women in Spain. They will describe the process of women working together across national boundaries despite barriers of language, race, class, lack of electricity and even post, to win local demands such as boreholes for water in Uganda and legislation for domestic workers in Peru, as well as to advance women's concerns and priorities in every country. The Global Women's Strike is a multiracial network of grassroots women in more than 60 countries who are demanding the $1 trillion now going into military budgets worldwide to go instead towards the care of people and the planet.

12:30-2:30: Convocation
Location: Athletic Center

2:30-4:00: A State of Grace, a staged reading of a new play honoring the work of Grace Paley presented by the Underground Railway Theater. Grace Paley, author of The Little Disturbances of Man, Enormous Changes at the Last Minute, Later the Same Day, and other works is well known for her activism through the War Resister's League, the Women's Pentagon Action, and PEN, the international association of writers. Grace Paley will be present and will read some of her poems. Deborah Wise, the author and director of this work, has been producing works with social impact for the last 25 years.

2:30-4:00: Shaking up the Patriarchy: a workshop and performance with The Goddess Dancing. The Goddess Dancing is a group of belly dancers who teach and perform a woman-centered, spiritually-grounded, American fusion-style of goddess belly dance. This participatory and sacred celebration of the totality of women's being will transition into the closing celebration in the Women's Tent.
Location: Cutural Stage adjacent to Women's Tent; p erformance finishes in Women's Tent

About the People and Groups Participating in these Events

Women's Lodge is a local open women's spirituality circle that celebrates the cycles of the year and of women's lives through ceremony, dance and song.

Medea Benjamin is founding director of Global Exchange and of Code Pink Women for Peace. She serves on the board of United for Peace and Justice.

Sonia Sanchez is a world-renown poet and playwright. She is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry, including Shake Loose My Skin: New and Selected Poems (Beacon Press, 1999); Like the Singing Coming Off the Drums: Love Poems (1998); Does your house have lions? (1995), which was nominated for both the NAACP Image and National Book Critics Circle Award.

Presently doing training in Macedonia, Joanne Sheehan is a long time practitioner of nonviolence in various modes. She is part of the Northeastern Team of Nonviolence Trainers and also works with the War Resisters League.

Melissa Kogut is the Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.

Diane Dujon is a former welfare recipient and has been in the front lines of the welfare struggle for more than 20 years. Currently she works as an educator at the U of M Boston's College of Public and Community Service, having earned a M. S. in 1996. She is a well known writer and speaker and an active participant in Working Mass. (a coalition of labor groups, the faith community, academics, community organizations, welfare rights and low income groups) "fighting for the rights of all workers."

Afaf Stevens is an Iraqi Woman, born and raised in Baghdad, with undergraduate ad graduate degrees from the University in Iraq. She has a Masters of Religion from Harvard and has begun a Program called "Bridging East and West: A Peace Initiative." She is a teacher of peace and conflict resolution bringing East and West together toward understanding each other at the deepest levels so they can respect each other and recognize their identity as comrades in the struggle for peace and justice in the world.

Granny "D" is a formidable elder and a tireless worker for peace and justice, as well as an inspiring speaker. In 200, at the age of 90, she walked across the United States for Campaign Reform. This year she retraces her footsteps, registering voters that have not yet been reached, among them prostitutes and single women - two of the largest populations of unregistered voters. She is also running as a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Andre Shelton is a member of WILPF, UJP, UfJP, Code Pink, NOW, and the Newton Dialogues. He believes women must lead the way in bringing about a more peaceful world and is writing a book on this subject.

Doris Mpoumou is the Gender and Governance Program Associate for WEDO. Doris, who was born in Brazzaville, Congo and grew up in France, has a Master's degree in Linguistics from the University of Brazzaville. Prior to coming to WEDO, she worked with the International Rescue Committee as Deputy Program Coordinator on the Sexual Violence Program in Brazzaville. Doris was also an initiator of Congolese law reform on sexual violence.

Kara Picarelli is one of three women working in the WILPF UN office to advance the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 internationally.

Janelle Surpris and Brianne Chai-Onn are project directors for the Global Peace Initiative of Women Religious Leaders.

Lisa Tener is a writer and creativity coach and is the co-author of "Good and Mad: T ransform Anger Using Mind, Body, Soul and Humor." Tener originated the concept of Anger-obics, which are exercises designed to keep help people get in touch with the wisdom behind their anger. Lisa Tenor's email is

Lora O'Connor is an activist and movement organizer. She lives in California and travels nationally working to coordinate high-profile interventions for Code Pink.

Elise Boulding is Professor Emerita of Sociology, Dartmouth College and former Secretary General of the International Peace Research Association. Her most recent book is, "Cultures of Peace, the Hidden Side of History," Syracuse University Press, 2000. She currently resides in the Northhill Retirement Community, Needham, MA.

The Global Women's Strike is a multiracial network of grassroots women in more than 60 countries who are demanding the $1 trillion now going into military budgets worldwide to go instead towards the care of people and the planet. This starts with resources to women who do most of the unpaid caring work. We take action together on March 8th and t hroughout the year on the theme of "Invest in Caring not Killing".

Margaret Prescod represents Women of Color in the GWS and hosts a weekly radio show on KPFK (Pacifica Radio) in Los Angeles.

Also featured will be Phoebe Jones, co-coordinator of the Strike with Margaret in the US. Both were organizers in the presidential convention protests in 2000.

Deborah Wise is the director and producer of this work. She has been producing works with social impact for the last 25 years.

Grace Paley is the author of The Little Disturbances of Man, Enormous Changes at the Last Minute, Later the Same Day, The Collected Stories, New and Collected Poems, and a gathering of essays, Just As I Thought. Her many honors include a National Endowment for the Arts Senior fellowship, a Guggenheim fellowship in fiction, the National Institute of Arts and Letters Award for short story writing, a Lannan Award, and a citation as the First Official New York State Writer. She is a member of the War Resister's League, the Women's Pentagon Action, and she has long been an influential member of PEN, the international association of writers.

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