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Workshops - Works in Progress

Israel/Palestine - focuses on policy/ Palestinian Peace Movement and the Israeli Peace Movement.

Immigration -
· Immigration 101
· Report back on freedom ride
· Global labor market
· Legislation
· Refugees
· Civil liberties
· Community organizing in immigrant communities
Workshops will be in native languages with English translation made available.

Water -

International Convocation - many international speakers are coming, including Dr. Koolaee (Iran reform party, first women to not wear traditional hajab in Parliament). The speakers want to meet and engage with the Peace movement here and all tracks are welcome to utilize the presence of these great speakers from all over the world.

Environment - over 15 workshops.

Non-Violence - Confirmed Speakers for:
· Insurgent terrorism
· State terrorism
· 21st century non-violence
· Practicality of non-violence in 21st century

Localization- Working on participatory budgeting in Brazil and Vermont.

Fund The Dream - Sat. June 26th will be holding a training session for people that will moderate/facilitate workshops.

There will be two workshops on Reparations:
1. Will present the case for reparation as a global strategy.
2. Will be organized to encourage a BSF Discussion on how to build support for reparations

SIDE NOTE: Freedom Road wants to work with Movement Building to put on workshops on “After Socialism as we know it” and “Socialism as an alternative to global capitalism”

Faith Based -

Democracy -
Nancy Murray doing work on Patriot Act

ISO - 8 workshops. Panel on racism and the death penalty with former death row inmate, a call in from Illinois death row, and family members of minor on death row.

Corporate Responsibility- campaign. War profiteers boycott. Feeling out the format of the program right now. Need a new coordinator!

Global justice- focusing in next weeks on outreach in low-income communities. 1 confirmed speaker.

Jobs and the Economy- AFL-CIO will participate

Education -
· Free education
· Privatization of education
· Policy and laws
· Models for progressive education (CPCS at UMB)